The revamped Seeds4Recovery is Support4Recovery's newest program.  It was started by Dylan Johnston, an alumnus of Discovery House, and Darlene DeRose, Master Gardener.  It was rolled out in the fall of 2019.  Seeds extends the continuum of care already offered by S4R (grants to pay for sober living environments), by adding social, personal development, and healing activities in those same homes.

Seeds4Recovery is a constellation of services designed to ease and empower the transition from the intensive support of living in residential treatment to the limited support available in Recovery Residences. Seeds focuses on program offerings that support the individual’s path to a life worth living. This includes activities that promote physical, psychological and emotional health; activities that build community/social connections, and opportunities to practice basic life skills. We currently offer programs both in-house and remotely (live-streamed) at Recovery Residences.


We currently offer programs both in-house (many have been modified or suspended due to COVID-19 safety precautions) and remotely (live-streamed) at Recovery Residences.

Our Current Services:

In-House Services for Residents

  • Social Events

  • Community Creation – Dinner, Documentary, Discussion and Dessert

  • In-House Groups

  • Meditation  

  • Community-Based Ear Acupuncture Sessions

  • Meditative Practice - Yoga, Qi-Gong, Sound Healing, Acupressure Self-Holds


Support For House Managers – Remote & In-Person

  • Life Coaching Program

  • Leading meditation

  • Facilitating group discussions

Remote Services for Residents

  • Meditation  

  • Social/online games

  • House Forums

  • Community Creation - Dinners, Discussions, and Documentary viewing (in development)

  • Resource Counseling – Job Coaching/Support, Remote Job Seminars (in development)