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Alumni Outreach

In 2010, Support4Recovery Advisory Council’s research identified a need to build and strengthen the network of alumni associations throughout the County. Support4Recovery brought together 14 recovery programs that either had an established alumni association, or wanted to start an alumni association, joining them for advocacy and grass-root initiatives related to recovery. Our objective is to provide resources and best practices for groups wishing to establish alumni associations, which support the goals of building stronger communities and creating collaborative opportunities that further the mission of Support4Recovery.


This program was put on hold to accommodate the new health care guidelines necessitated by COVID-19 safety precautions. S4R is anxiously awaiting the reinstatement of alumni gatherings and celebrations.


In the meantime, if you would like see how S4R can assist with your program’s Alumni Program please feel free to reach out our Alumni Outreach Chairperson Logan Campbell at


Please help us with the development of this program by completing the S4R 2021/2022 Needs Assessment Survey.

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