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Board of Directors

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Co-Founder and Treasurer/CFO


Tom Aswad is the Chief Financial Officer, Treasurer and Co-Founder of Support4Recovery.  He has been a tireless advocate for the recovery community since he successfully completed residential treatment in 1991.  Tom is committed to serving those who do not have a voice, or feel that they have an important voice and expertise to share, with local politicians.


Tom currently serves (or has previously served) on committees and boards at national, state, county and local levels, addressing a broad array of issues in recovery - homelessness, adolescent treatment, needle exchanges and treatment in prison.  He served as the State and National liaison for Partners in Recovery Alliance of Contra Costa County (PIRA) (a grassroots organization that trained its members on the power of the voice of recovery when it comes to advocating for local politics that effect treatment and prevention); served on the Contra Costa Alcohol and Other Drugs Advisory Board (appointment by the County Board of Supervisors. starting in 1992); served on the Little Hoover Commission (Sacramento), where he was asked to address adolescent treatment; and sat on the HIV Prevention Planning group for Contra Costa County, whose work led to the successful advocacy of needle exchange.

Tom has been instrumental in making changes within the Alcohol and Other Drugs system; in the building of Discovery House in Martinez (a 41-bed men’s residential treatment program); founding the Sober Living Task Force of Contra Costa County which led to the building of the new Gayle Uilkema’s House transitional living facility in Martinez. Tom’s work has been recognized by the PTA, and the California Alcohol and Drug Program Administrators Association of California, among others. 



Board President


Todd is a 61-year-old retired and disabled General Contractor with 14 years of clean time. He has been a member of Support4Recovery for all 14 years as a founding member, Advisory Counselor, Vice Chair and then Chair for three years. Todd’s story is one of relapse; it’s taken him over 30 years to accumulate the 14 years he has now. Todd credits a courage inside himself that would always lead him back to the rooms of NA “sit my butt in a chair and raise my hand once again as a newcomer.” Today, Todd has a heart of love and a strong desire to he help his fellow addicts, “one starfish at a time, like a book I read tells me.” He’s proud of the work he’s done with S4R, he credits S4R for the hard work of all the members, and is honored to be a part of the “stellar reputation” his hard work had contributed to.

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Vice President


Logan Campbell is an active volunteer in the recovery community. SInce 2019, he has served as the representative for Contra Costa County District 5 on the Alcohol and Other Drugs Advisory Board.  In addition, since 2016, he has served as the CEO of the Alumni Association at Discovery House, a residential treatment facility in Martinez, CA. He has been in recovery since 2009. He owns and operates a local landscape company. 

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Toni Wilder is a significant part of Support4Recovery and has been a member of the board since the first beginnings of S4R. Toni has been an integral part of the recovery community in the San Francisco Bay Area since she successfully completed treatment at the Frederick Ozanam center in 1998. After Toni completed treatment, she became a program volunteer, then was hired by Susan Cinelli to be a staff member at Wollam. Shortly after becoming a staff member, Toni’s ability to influence positive change others enabled her to quickly climb the ladder and become program director at Wollam where she served for 18 years. Currently, Toni is the program director for Pueblos Del Sol, and over the course of her 25-year career she has been program director Diablo Valley Ranch, The Frederick Ozanam center, and Wollam.



Advisory Council Member


Sara has recently joined the Support4Recovery board, she has been working in the addiction recovery field since 2019 and is currently a Program Director at Restore-Hope. Dignity. Life co-directing 2 After Care homes, an in-patient treatment home, and a homeless outreach. She is very closely involved with families who are in the process of reunification in the Contra Costa area and is very excited to be able to join forces to best serve the families in our community. 


Desiree McFadden

Advisory Council Member


Desiree recently joined the board and has recently celebrated 4 years of continuous sobriety.
She is currently the House Manager at the Women’s Aftercare House at Restore-Hope. Dignity.
Life. Actively involved in the Recovery community and serves at New Hope Church after
overcoming domestic violence and homelessness in active addiction and is excited about being
part of the change.


Tim Kerr

Advisory Council Member


Tim Kerr is a recent addition to the Support4Recovery team.  He currently serves in the role the Vice Chairmen of the advisory council.  While he has not personally experienced the trauma of addiction he comes to us with a wealth of knowledge in how addiction affects the family dynamic, having personally experienced addiction at all levels of the family and friendships, work and personal life.  Tim's passion is in serving those who want recovery.  He is a great fit for "SUPPORT4RECOVERY" as our only mission to help those who want and need  recovery.  

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Friend of Support4Recovery


Ginger Edwards is currently chair of the Support4Housing committee and has been part of S4R since 2006, serving on the Advisory Council and joining the board in 2018. Drug and alcohol free since 1998, Ginger recently retired from a 15-year career with Ujima women’s recovery program where she worked the first nine years as a drug and alcohol counselor and the last four as program manager.

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Friend of Support4Recovery


After learning that her middle child battled a serious opioid addiction, Anastasia became committed to bringing awareness to the disease. She joined the board of S4R in 2015 and is passionate about helping people in recovery. A graduate of JFK School of Law and a former deputy district attorney in Solano County, Anastasia refocused in 1999. She is currently a real estate agent with Dudum Real Estate Group in Walnut Creek. She has been a Contra Costa County resident since 1995.



Friend of Support4Recovery


Darlene spent 25+ years as a finance professional, working in areas as diverse as the public sector, financial consulting, consumer banking, commercial banking, and equipment leasing. A UC-Certified Master Gardener, Darlene combines her practical skills as a gardener with her desire to support health and healing. Darlene actively brings nature-based activities to the recovery community, introducing gardening at residential treatment centers. Darlene has a B.A. from Stanford University, a Masters in Public and Private Management from Yale University, and an M.A. from John F. Kennedy University, where she specialized (and was certified) in Ecotherapy.



Friend of Support4Recovery


Dylan Johnston is currently a Member-at-Large. A former Support4Housing grant recipient, he overcame a decade-long struggle with heroin and homelessness. He is also a former employee having originated the Seeds4Recovery program for Support4Recovery. Dylan serves as the representative for District 4 on the Contra Costa County Alcohol and Other Drugs Advisory Board. He founded and owns ShadowPower, a local film production company dedicated to telling stories from the shadows. He is currently completing his BA in Film at University of California, Berkeley.

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