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Application Process


Referral Procedures to Apply for a Housing Grant:

Only applications completed by an AOD counselor or AOD Case Manager for a participant, who is currently active in an AOD Program, will be accepted.

Incomplete applications will not be considered. Please make sure every line is filled in. Participant is responsible for contacting an approved SLE and making arrangements for a bed. 

Referrals must be made two weeks prior to discharge date.


  • Homeless

  • Enrolled and active in a Contra Costa County AOD program

  • Willing to enroll and participate in an IOP or OP program following discharge from residential treatment or currently enrolled in IOP or OP program

  • Actively seeking employment

  • Consent to adhere to all grant regulations and guidelines

What to expect:

  • Completed applications (6 pages) should be emailed to:

  • Applications will then be reviewed by the housing committee. 

  • Applicants who meet the criteria (*) will be called to set up a face-to-face interview at the program they are currently attending. 

  • Applicants who do not meet the criteria will be informed by phone of the committee's decision to deny the grant.

  • If the grant is approved, a check will be mailed to the SLE once it has been verified that the participant has successfully completed their Residential AOD program, has moved into the SLE, and has enrolled in IOP or OP depending on the grant applied for.

  • A follow up face-to-face interview will be scheduled between 14 to 30 days after participant has moved in to assess progress and to address any unmet needs.  

  • If the grant is longer than 30 days, an interview will be held monthly.

Application Process



This program is on hold to accommodate the new health care guidelines necessitated by COVID-19 safety precautions.

If you have questions, please email

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